Bids & Bills

Is it possible to accurately budget the cost of a house? Probably, but doubtful in our case. Here you'll find our attempt to document the house finances. Finances should probably start with a budget, so ours is $800,000 not including the land & architect. Because we went over on our current house, we're aiming for $700,000 in hopes that we come nowhere close to exceeding our true budget.

Have a look at our projections, which we’ll update right up until we break ground. Or, read through some of our budgeting thoughts and stories.



Work Notes Price
Gravel Road 2000ft long, 20ft wide road with final 250ft concrete. $74,197
Electric Hookup 2000ft long, with final 500ft underground. $21,000
Site work Permits, studies, site fees, impact fees, etc $15,000
Well Primary water source $6,500
3250sqft basement foundation. Using $18/sqft via HomeAdvisor $58,500


Work Notes Price
Framing Based off of comps in the area. $74,000
Windows & Doors Triple pane windows, 11 interior doors. $33,600
Siding 2300sqft fiber cement via siding estimator. $19,746
Roofing Using $9/sqft for standing seam metal. $27,500

Interior Walls

Work Notes Price
Insulation $2/sqft estimate. $6,500
Drywall Installed & painted. $22,165
Plumbing Septic system & rough ins for baths, kitchen, etc $40,000
Electrical Using $4.35/sqft + fixtures allowance. $20,137
HVAC Geothermal $27,500

Interior Finishes

Work Notes Price
Fixtures $12,100
Cabinets $50,052
Flooring $19,400
Appliances $39,244
Countertops $10,500
Fireplace $10,000
Window Shades $20,000
Staircase Railing $3,000
Ceiling Beams $5,000
Trim / Baseboards $2,000


Work Notes Price
Deck $10,000
Garage $30,000
Landscaping $20,000
Solar Panels $20,000

Cost of a Passive House Wall

Cost of a Passive House Wall

Whenever we discuss a well insulated house, we’re always met with push back on cost and overkill in general. In preparation, we wanted to see what a few different assemblies might cost. So, we met up with Ryan’s uncle who has been building homes for the past 20 years. He gave us a breakdown on man hours for various applications like house wrap, siding, framing and so on. With that information, we could take material costs and get a rough price.


Roads and Electricy Are Not Cheap

Roads and Electricy Are Not Cheap

Building off of the grid is a bit more expensive than we anticipated. The desire to be isolated, have good views, and have plenty of land are the driving forces, so it is still worth it. It’s just expensive. For about a 2000ft road, we’re getting estimates from large establish companies for around $75,000. That’s for 1750ft of gravel, and 250ft of concrete. Moving the house a bit closer to the main road can shave off $5,000+. Lot placement will be huge in this regard. We’ll also have to balance a road that blends in with the surrounding environment versus just going from point A to point B.