Purchases to consider

If you're building a home, you can guarantee that there will be 1 million decisions to make. It is exhausting just as much as it is exciting. Here you'll find some of the products that interest us. Not all will be used in the final build, but they might be worth a look.

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Pivotal Exposed Kitchen Faucet

The confident slant of the Pivotal® Collection makes it a striking addition to your kitchen’s contemporary geometry for a look that makes a statement.
kitchen Website $1000


The new super-automatic bean-to-cup espresso machine. Grind fresh beans & brew with ease. No wait, no waste.
kitchen Website $595


Dramatic in appearance with exceptional dimension and texture, Shadow Rock is the stone of choice for creative expression and masonry craftsmanship.
siding Website ~$7.10/ft


The Span panel replaces the electrical panel to become the center for connected power in your home. It provides all the safety features of a standard panel but with added functionality and aesthetics designed for the modern home.
electrical Website ~$2,500

Leviton Load Center

Take residential power to new heights with the Leviton Load Center. Using Wi-Fi connectivity, a central data hub and the most intelligent circuit breakers available on the market today, this offers unparalleled control for effortless energy management.
electrical Website TBD

Aria Vent

The only air register that can be adapted to all surfaces and applications. Completely customizable to floor, wall, and ceiling vents.
hvac Website ~$86-$100

FiberWall Fixed

With deeper, more robust frames, FiberWall™ can deliver dramatic walls of glass that cannot be achieved with vinyl, and offers superior R-values to thermally broken aluminum.
doorswindows Website TBD


Interior air sealant formulated to create a long-lasting, weather-tight seal that prevents moist outside air from entering, and conditioned indoor air from escaping around window and door assemblies.
envelope Website ~$20/20oz

Intello Plus

Reinforced hydrosafe high-performance vapour retarder, suitable for all fibrous insulation materials
envelope Website $341/164ft

Rheem® Hybrid Electric Water Heater

The smartest, quietest and most efficient water heater on earth, paying for itself with up to an estimated $4,750 in energy cost savings over 10 years.
hvac Website $2,000