Purchases to consider

If you're building a home, you can guarantee that there will be 1 million decisions to make. It is exhausting just as much as it is exciting. Here you'll find some of the products that interest us. Not all will be used in the final build, but they might be worth a look.

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Redi Your Way®

Having a hard time finding the perfectly sized shower pan? Look no further… Redi Your Way® offers the industry’s only custom one-piece, leak proof shower pan you can install and tile the same day.
bathroom Website TBD

Cascadia Universal Series

The Universal Series was designed in 2016 to uncompromising design intents for thermal performance, structural capacity, aesthetics, hardware flexibility, site tolerance, cost, and ease of manufacturing.
doorswindows Website TBD


All-inclusive electric floor warming kit that also prevents tile cracking.
hvac Website $400/16sqft

Siga Rissan 60 Interior Tape

SIGA Rissan 60 - the all around general usage tape for interior sealing and the perfect choice for the uneven surfaces of American OSB panels.
envelope Website $30/82ft

AdvanTech™ Subfloor

Combine the strength and moisture resistance of AdvanTech® subflooring with the powerful polyurethane bond of AdvanTech™ subfloor adhesive for a panel-to-joist connection so strong you won't hear a squeak - guaranteed.
envelope Website $34/4x8 Board

Alpen Tyrol Series

Fiberglass reinforced uPVC window with NFRC certified R-11+ performance, Tyrol-Passive-House-Profile continues its legacy of innovation with the Tyrol Series of European-styled windows and doors.
doorswindows Website TBD


Cost effective sound damping gypsum panel.
interior Website $55/4'x8' Panel


Stone wool insulation product for use in interior wall partitions of residential wood and steel stud construction. It is especially useful when superior fire resistance and acoustical performance are required.
envelope Website $47/30sqft


ThermalBuck extends the mounting point for windows & doors, and insulates the rough opening to limit thermal bridging.
envelope Website TBD

Tru&Modern™ Flush Doors

All other flush doors just don’t deliver the refinement required for today’s modern interior. TruStile flush wood doors are made specifically for the custom residential market.
doorswindows Website $250+