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Dramatic in appearance with exceptional dimension and texture, Shadow Rock is the stone of choice for creative expression and masonry craftsmanship.
siding Website ~$7.10/ft


The beauty of HardiePanel vertical siding is that it is unique without being too trendy. Crisp, clean lines make it a smart choice for strong, contemporary designs.
siding Website $4-7/sqft


Luxury wood shingle siding that is harvested with environmentally friendly practices and attention to timing, using methods created exclusively at Bark House®- this tulip poplar wood paneling is a reclaimed waste product of the logging industry.
siding Website TBD

Elmwood Reclaimed Siding

Weathered to rustic perfection, Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding has withstood the test of time. Rich with a working history, the timeless beauty of antique barn wood is unmistakable.
siding Website $6-10+/sqft

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