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Flush & Modern Trim : Wall Plates

Flush & Modern Trim  :  Wall Plates

Determined to question and improve everything we can about home building, we find ourselves looking at trim and the various approaches. At first, we were all in and thought we would remove as much trim as possible: lights, electrical, vents, doors, windows, and so on. As a test, we decided to install a flush electrical wall plate in our current house, and that is when doubt began to creep in. Clean results are far from guaranteed, and may or may not hold up over time. For the added cost and complexity, where should we draw the line? After looking over quite a few options, here is what we have found.



The Span panel replaces the electrical panel to become the center for connected power in your home. It provides all the safety features of a standard panel but with added functionality and aesthetics designed for the modern home.
electrical Website ~$2,500

Electrical Primer

Electrical Primer

One of our goals with this build is to know basics about each trade, so that we can ask the correct questions. So, we’ve done some preliminary research on residential electric to come up with the notes below. Areas of interest range from fundamentals to products to understanding our electricity needs. If we research enough, we should hopefully be able to have a conversation with an electrician, and be able to sort the professionals who care from those who don’t. Disclaimer: this is all new to us, so please don’t take anything at face value – always confirm with a professional.


Leviton Load Center

Take residential power to new heights with the Leviton Load Center. Using Wi-Fi connectivity, a central data hub and the most intelligent circuit breakers available on the market today, this offers unparalleled control for effortless energy management.
electrical Website TBD

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